Liz Duggan Liz Duggan

Liz Duggan

is a creative professional with a unique blend of  marketing and graphic design experience.





bachelor marketing


RISD continuing education

Liz Duggan




Liz heads up the marketing

 for Duggan Associates, a b2b management consulting

firm specializing in

lean methodologies

and operational excellence







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Liz runs a freelance

graphic design business

and manages all graphic communications pieces for Duggan Associates.







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Liz's attention to detail, strong work ethic,

and ability to efficiently manage multiple

marketing/publicity teams and responsibilities is

extremely admirable.


Pamela PetersonPublicistMcGraw-Hill

Liz is the founder and president of Amenity Aid,

 a 501(c)(3) charity that helps Rhode Island's most vulnerable populations by providing personal hygiene products to organizations that assist the homeless,

at-risk, and victims of violence.


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